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Sweden and Denmark City Hopping

Sweden and Denmark City Hopping

Discover some of Sweden and Denmark’s cultural gems during this eight-night tour, courtesy of Citrus Holidays. You’ll step foot in not one, not two but FOUR of Scandinavia's most striking cities: Gothenburg, Malmö, Copenhagen & Stockholm. With culture and history abundant, you’ll have a hard time saying no to this package deal.

Known as the birthplace of ABBA and land of billowing snow, Sweden offers heaps of culture, intricate architecture and food that’ll make you swoon. As you touch down in Gothenburg, Sweden’s second largest city and home to the Gothenburg Film Festival, feast your eyes on the plethora of monuments, markets, and cathedrals which adorn its streets. Satisfy your inner history buff by wandering Crown Keep, a hilltop fortification built in the 17th century and the old army barracks beside it. Then, you might decide to saunter on down to the city district of Haga, situated conveniently on Crown Keep’s doorstep and dotted with picturesque wooden houses from the 19th century.

As an architectural powerhouse, Sweden boasts a lot of buildings worth stopping to admire and Gothenburg is no exception. The Gothenburg Cathedral is impressive and splendid and Crown House, the former home of the Swedish Parliament, is certainly not to be sneezed at. Then there’s Liseberg, Scandinavia’s biggest amusement park with roller-coasters and rides that'll turn even the grumpiest of adults into a playful child again.

After your time in Gothenburg, you’ll make your way to Malmö, the capital of Scania and the third largest city in Sweden. Prepare for an overdose of history and wonderful art galleries as you traipse the likes of Gustav Adolf's Square and Malmöhus Castle. Before stopping for a bite to eat in the Little Square with its outdoor tables and scenic dining experience, you might fancy heading to the ornate Malmö City Hall or to the outdoor market in Möllan for a splash of color. Home to middle eastern and Asian shops and restaurants, the area is a haven for multiculturalism and the affordable bars and restaurants will have you wining and dining till dawn.

Next, you’ll be whisked off to Copenhagen, the capital of Denmark which started out as a humble Viking fishing village in the 10th century. The city has since come a long way; as an artistic hub where splendid architecture and sumptuous cuisine prevail, trips to places such as the Rundetaarn (one of the city’s most iconic buildings)and the Louisiana Museum of Modern Art will make for a memorable holiday. And of course, no visit to Copenhagen would be complete without chowing down on a quintessentially Danish hot dog available from the pølsevogn (sausage wagon). With a variety of toppings and vegan options, there’s something for everyone in your party! 

When you’ve filled your bellies to the brim with succulent Danish treats, take a trip to the fantastic Ordrupgaard gallery and gaze at the creations of Monet and Renoir or browse the eclectic stores of the Latin Quarter.

Following your stay in Copenhagen, head to Stockholm, capital of Sweden, and perhaps the most populous urban area of Sweden. Stockholm is famous for its iconic city hall, the world’s first open-air museum. Stockholm is home to three of Sweden’s UNESCO World Heritage sites- Birka, Drottningholm Palace, and Woodland Cemetry. Some of the popular attractions of Stockholm are ABBA museum, The Vasa Museum, The Royal Palace, and National Museum, to name a few.

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